Lulu Guinness and UNIQLO Partner on Lulu Tees

As a lover of Lulu Guinness’s adorable art and pithy sayings (Put on Your Pearls Girls), I’m both happy and sad to write that Lulu’s cute designs are now available via discount retailer UNIQLO on a line of super cute T-shirts priced at $19.99 US. I’m happy to see the shirts, but sad that I don’t live in a city with a UNIQLO where I can buy one. You see, UNIQLO no longer offers mail order in the US, so I can’t order a shirt via the web or the phone.   The color palette for the shirts is black, white and red (just like Lulu’s trademark bright red lipstick lips.) If you’re lucky enough to leave in a city with a UNIQLO, snap one of these up, because I don’t think they will last long. The shirt with the black cat is very reminiscent of the Jason Wu shirt for Target sold early this year, don’t you think?  The collection totals 14 T-shirts in all.  A few of the shirts have already made their way onto eBay, and are being resold at a steep mark-up.

Pictured: My favorite Uniqlo Lulu Guinness T-shirt. 

If you live in a city with a Uniqlo in the US, Asia or Europe, please buy one of these for me.  I can only live vicariously at the moment! :)

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