The Recessionista Reviews the Nicole Richie Maxi Dress for QVC

nicole+richie+QVC The Recessionista Reviews the Nicole Richie Maxi Dress for QVC

Normally I don’t like celebrity clothing lines. Sometimes I have even been known to mock them (Mariah Carey, Tori Spelling).  Often times I find the clothes are trendy and cheaply made. Sometimes the retailer thinks the celebrity name alone will sell it and they don’t put the necessary quality into the product. Such is not the case with the Maxi Dress from Nicole Richie’s QVC collection.  To my surprise, I have to give a complete rave-up to this dress.  The Nicole Richie line was launched at the QVC Oscar Red Carpet party, and I fell in love with the samples I saw.   Today my own dress arrived, and it’s gorgeous.  As my friend Susan said when we saw the samples, “That dress is just stupid gorgeous.” Let me tell you why that is true.

NR+MAXI+red The Recessionista Reviews the Nicole Richie Maxi Dress for QVC
Pictured: A close up look at the Nicole Richie Maxi Dress (photo: M. Hall)

As you can see from the photo above, the print is really pretty.  It’s almost like a watercolor, because it’s delicate and not so big in pattern to be overpowering.   On the red dress, the print color is a soft gray.  The dress is tied at the waist and emphasizes the bust and waist, minimizing the hips, the point where most of us are a little bit rounder.   That  V-neck cut at the bodice, and the flowing skirt, make the dress very flattering, especially if you are pear shaped.  The dress is fully lined, which makes it comfortable. You won’t be itching when you wear this, and you won’t have to struggle to find a slip to wear with it.

The dress is on sale right now for $115.00, so it’s not a cheap dress, but it is by all means affordable and chic.   The material is polyester and it is machine washable.   The only thing to be aware of is that this dress runs large.  QVC sent me a smaller size than I ordered so maybe they know more than me! You can definitely size down in this dress from your regular size.  Because I received a smaller size than I ordered, the dress was the right length on me.  However, if I have ordered or received it in a size 10 to 12, it would probably have been a bit too long on me.  So depending on your height and the size you order,  you might have to hem it. As I’ve said before, we all know Nicole Richie isn’t a trained designer.  However, this dress is representative of her boho chic style which has made her such a red carpet favorite over the years. She does have good taste, and that taste translates nicely to this QVC maxi dress bearing her name.

With today being the launch and quick sellout of Marni for H&M, the ease of ordering this dress via QVC is most welcome.  There’s no waiting in line and there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of ordering online or the phone and having something delivered to your door.  If you’re looking for a great spring/summer dress that can even take you into fall, I recommend the Nicole Richie Maxi Dress for QVC.

Disclosure notice: This dress was provided to me free of charge by QVC for evaluation. However, the opinions here are my own.  Companies send me many samples for evaluation and I can’t always give them a favorable review.  This one I can.

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    You look beautiful and that dress is spectacular!!!