Norma Kamali Launches Her Signature Look: KamaliKulture Sunglasses

Norma Kamali has just announced the launch of her distinctive sunglasses as part of her KamaliKulture collection.  I’ve always adored Ms. Kamali as a designer.  When I was in college I saved for months to buy one of her dresses, and it was not under $100.00!  But that was before the age of KamaliKulture.

Pictured: The Designer in her trademark glasses & grey fleece (photo: M. Hall)

 Every time I’ve interviewed Ms. Kamali, she wears her trademark sunglasses.  I always wanted a pair, and hoped she would make them for Walmart so they would be inexpensive.  Alas, that never happened.   But now she has incorporated them into her new line. The glasses are currently on offer for $98.00.  The line includes 8 different pairs of sunglasses, from Jackie O style rounded oval frames to Angelina  Jolie style aviators.  In my opinion, the glasses are as ubercool as her distinctive swimsuits.  What do you think readers? Will you be checking these out?

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