Glee Look on a Budget: Rachel Berry’s Bridesmaids in Merona for Target

Pictured: Rachel Berry’s Bridesmaids “Gleek” Out in Merona for Target dresses. (credit Lea Michele

If you read here you know that I don’t love everything that Target produces for fashion.   But every now and then, they produce a winner in their Merona for Target line. Merona has really stepped up their line since designer Isaac Mizrahi left Target shelves.  To me, this dress is reminiscent of some of the old Issac Target sheath dresses. If you watch the hit show Glee , then you may have noticed the cool dresses on Rachel Berry’s bridesmaids. The bright fuschia dresses were from Target’s Merona line and cost about $25.00.

Pictured: Merona for Target Side Tab Ponte dress priced at $24.99

The dress is Merona’s Side Tab Ponte dress and is available only on, although you might glimpse it in store if someone returns it.  One thing I like about the style of this dress is the empire waist and the side tab buttons will draw attention to the waist, the smallest part of anyone’s body.  As you can see from the Glee photo above, the dress looks good on a variety of shapes and sizes.  Fuschia was literally one of the hottest colors on the runway at New York Fashion Week, appearing in the Milly show and in the Michael Kors spring line.  The color is always a staple in designer resort collections, so it’s nice to see it in a lower priced dress line.

Earlier this week, Lou Eyrich, the Glee Costumer Designer was  given the Career Achievement in Television Award at the Costume Designer Guild Awards. Jane Lynch praised Eyrich for having a great eye for selecting garments for the  Glee characters. This Target dress is a good example of this.

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  1. Target AddictFebruary 24, 2012 at 6:42 pm | Permalink

    Spot on with your review! The Merona Collection has stepped in where Isaac Mizrahi left off. I actually scope out classic Merona dresses I missed the first time around on eBay.