Mad About Milly: Special Gilt Groupe Sale and Facebook Contest

Pictured: Look for Milly by Michelle on sale Jan. 26th at Gilt Groupe.

I’m a longtime fan of designer Michelle Smith, from her chic french berets, Chanel like jackets or elegant dresses, I want it all. I’ve even loved the prints on her Clinique bags.  Every year I cover her runway show at New York Fashion Week and when I can find Milly for less than retail, I pounce.  Most of my great deals on Milly have come either from shopping her collections at Gilt Groupe or in-store at Bloomingdales. Look for good deals on Milly at Gilt Groupe tomorrow, January 26th. My spies tell me the sale will feature great look dresses and handbags. If you haven’t shopped on Gilt yet, if you use code EXTRA25OFF, you’ll receive an extra 25% off at checkout on your purchase.

Pictured: Gilt is giving away two tickets to Milly’s NYFW show.

Beyond the sale on Milly, you may also wish to enter the Gilt’s Facebook contest to win tickets to see the Milly Runway show at New York Fashion Week.  Milly is a hard show to get a seat for due to all the department store buyers, press and celebrities who clamor for the glamour.  If you’re in New York in February, or are willing to travel, you’ll want to try to win these tickets.

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