Cashmere at Costco: Italian Designer Enzo Mantovani

Pictured: The Enzo Mantovani tunic cashmere sweater for $139.99 from Costco.

Back in 2004, by my reckoning, Costco started selling cashmere in their stores.   Once considered an item only attainable by the very rich, cashmere has now become fairly commonplace. However, not all cashmere is created equal. When buying, you have to consider the quality of the pieces and the ply of the cashmere.  Cashmere is made from the hair of goats, goats typically found in Mongolia.   The longest, thinnest goat hair has been said to make the softest cashmere sweaters. Consquently, shorter, coarse hairs make, well, a coarser blend. Which blend is Costco selling? I don’t know yet.  The discount warehouse just stocked a line of cashmere sweaters by Italian designer Enzo Mantovani for the holiday season. This is the second year that Costco is selling the Italian designer’s sweaters. Prices start at $59.99, and there is a nice variety of colors and styles for both men and women.  With a price range from $59.99 to $199.00 (for a men’s cardigan) prices average about  75% off department store and boutique prices for what is advertised as “100% Cashmere.”  Costco says the sweaters will be available only for a limited time, so check your local store or Costco online to see the selection.  I haven’t tried one yet myself, but will be doing a review very soon. The designer’s PR firm is sending me one for evaluation.  I’m anxious to see what the quality for the prices is.  When cashmere calls, The Recessionista listens! Stay tuned.

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