Macy’s Coat Sale featuring Lagerfeld and Lands End Outerwear Sale

Some parts of the East Coast of the US, like my beloved New York City, will be welcoming Halloween with snow.  I just heard that the National Weather Service just upgraded all of NYC to a Winter Storm Warning expecting 6-10in of snow by 2am tonight. That just doesn’t seem right, but you can’t mess with Mother Nature.  Winter is officially on the way.   With more than a fall chill in the air, it’s the right time to let you know about Macy’s coat sale.  Many coats are reduced by 25% to 30%.  One coat I have my eye on is the Lagerfeld Tweed Coat (see above), now on sale for $69.99, reduced from the original price of  $169.00. Although the coat is a light tweed fabric, it could be worn as a coat dress if you feel it’s not heavy enough to survive a winter storm. For the price, and the tailoring, you may want to check it out.

For heavier winter wear, check out the Lands End Outwear sale. Coats are reduced 20 to 50%.

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    It is a great coat and in winter its really useful


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    it is a really nice coat and in winter its really useful specially in the coldest temperature