Online Only: Karl is coming for February 2012

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld seems to be rapidly diversifying his brand.  In the last year, there has been the diffusion line for Macy’s, Diet Coke bottles and even a label for a winery with ties to Chanel.  Today comes the news that he is going after Internet shoppers with an exclusive label called Karl to be sold on website Net-A-Porter.  At 78, the designer is now going to get jiggy with the online world via an Internet exclusive clothing launch.  What’s next, a Twitter ID? Gasp.

There is not much information available on Karl.  I haven’t seen any sketches or news about what the collection will consist of.  What has been announced via a press release is that  Karl “will be sold exclusively for the first month through net-a-porter, the online fashion retail unit of Swiss luxury group Richemont, then on a dedicated website and starting in the spring through a few selected retailers.”   Prices will range from  60 to 300 euro range, which is about $84.00 USD to $417.00 USD.  So, this will be more than the current Macy’s Impulse collection.  For the more upscale Chanel buyer who wants to go in-store, there is more Karl coming in Autumn 2012. A more upmarket label called “Karl Lagerfeld Paris,” sold in multi-brand and department stores, with items priced between 300 and 2,000 euros, which translates to about $417 USD to 2,785 USD.

Clearly, before Karl retires, there’s going to be a collection for multiple price points and buyers.  An interesting move from a fashion legend.

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    Can't get enough of Karl!!! Thanks for this post! :)