Groupon’s Haunted Halloween Getaways

lucerne+inn Groupons Haunted Halloween Getaways
Pictured: Boo! The Haunted Lucerne Hotel in Maine (image courtesy of Groupon)

Halloween is coming, and the American TV channels are full of shows on Haunted Places.  In the last week, I’ve seen reports on the Lizzie Borden House (now a Bed & Breakfast) and the Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Lexington Kentucky.  Here in Los Angeles, the ghosts of both Montgomery Cliff and Marilyn Monroe are said to haunt the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. And of course, there is the Houdini House over in Hollywood, which is also said to be haunted.

With the current fascination for ghosts and Hauntings, it’s the perfect time for Groupon to offer post Halloween travel packages to three haunted hotels.   If you like to check out Haunted places, here are the deals:

To take advantage of the deals, you’ll need to first sign-up for a Groupon account.  Then you can see if you can pick up one of these travel packages.  I think there are still a few packages available, with the Stanley Hotel from The Shining selling the quickest (not a surprise, considering the red rum hype )

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