Beauty Deal: Coupon to Save on Oil of Olay

One of the things that I like to make sure I am investing is is good skin care for my face.  I try a lot of different products every year, and one that I try to always use in the evening before bed is Oil of Olay.  It’s sold at drugstores, is affordable and has been rated higher than many more expensive beauty products by Consumer Reports.  So here is a deal to pass along to you.   Oil of Olay is offering a coupon to save $5.00 off of the professional products. I already signed up and thought you might want to too!

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  1. ~~Mikki JoSeptember 7, 2011 at 1:08 am | Permalink

    WOW…thanks so much for sharing! I saw the Clarisonic the other day and the lady at the Clarins counter was trying to talk me into one. I really liked how smooth it made my face feel so I came home and done a little research and found the Pro X. So I'm excited about the coupon! Thanks again!