Vogue’s Steal of the Month: Lagerfeld for Macy’s Dress

Pictured: True Blood Actress Deborah Ann Woll in the August 2011 ‘Vogue. Photo: Courtesy of ‘Vogue

So I’m checking out this month’s issue of Vogue over a Sunday morning cup of coffee, and of course paging to the “Steal of the Month” feature.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the photo above.  It’s a picture of a floral print dress from the forthcoming Lagereld for Macy’s Impulse collection, priced at $109.00 USD, modeled by True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll.  The dress reminds me vintage dresses by Ossie and Celia, and of course some 1960s Liberty of London looks.  In this month’s Vogue, Lagerfeld says,  the collection is “”a coup d’oeil  (translation glimpse of) to the dresses I designed for Chloe and the girlish, more romantic mood of the seventies.”

I hope the dress looks as good on the racks as it does in the Vogue pictures. Some of us have to wait until August 31st to find out.

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    Very pretty!