Girl Power: DKNY PR Girl Starts a Tumblr Blog

Forget about @LadyGaga, Guess Who Is The Real News On @Tumblr Today?? @DKNY!!!! #Tumblr #Fashion  dknyprgirl:  In case my blog’s tag line isn’t self-explanatory, I am a born and bred Twitter girl. So you might be asking yourself why now Tumblr? Don’t get me wrong, I’m really appreciative to Twitter for giving me 140 characters per tweet (really I have never edited copy so well), but once upon a time, some of my Twitter friends suggested that I start a blog. My initial reaction was oh sure, give me yet another place I have to check & thought purge in. But as I contemplated starting one, I realized that I might really enjoy having more than 140 characters to play with. So think of this blog as me powered by a ‘Grande’ skinny vanilla latte instead of a ‘Tall’. Go ahead, take a chance and RSS me (that means kiss me in Digital).  I am sure every post won’t be perfect, but you can bet my outfits are pretty close… xo, DKNY PR GIRL

The Tweeps were buzzing today about a new Blogger in the Fashion World.  I’m talking about one of my favorite Tweeple, the elusive, anonymous and absolutely hilarious DKNY PR girl.  You can read her new blog at: Forget about @LadyGaga, Guess Who Is The Real News On @Tumblr Today?? @DKNY!!!! #Tumblr #Fashion

I’m looking forward to following her adventures and learning more about DKNY deals from her. Not to mention being entertained. And forced to laugh out loud as I read her fashion prose.

PS: For deals on DKNY this week, check out the Macy’s sale.

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