Bacon Perfume for $36.00. Will it make you Sizzle? :)

baconcologne Bacon Perfume for $36.00. Will it make you Sizzle? :)

Don’t we all want to look sizzling hot when we go out? But is the answer bacon perfume? (that’s pronounced “bay-cone”.)  The creation is by fargginay, The new scent is actually a revival.  It was first created by  a Paris butcher in 1920s.  John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher discovered ” a secret recipe blending herbs & essential oils with the essence of”, wait for it……bacon. Yes, the pork product that you fry up in a pan for breakfast or a good  use in a old BTL sandwich.  As the story goes,” film stars & heads of state would frequent his shop to procure the magical elixir.” According the new  Fargginay company’s website “with a wink of the eye and the secret code, “fargginay,” customers would be slipped a discreet pouch containing the formula said to trigger pleasant memories. After a massive fire on July 4, 1924, the business was lost and so was the formula.” Devastating.  Truly one of the tragedies of the 20th century, perhaps spawning the expression, “you stole my bacon.”

But now, this homey scent has been revived and mass marketed.  The new perfume will be sold for $36.00.
What do you think readers? Do you want to smell like the kitchen at the nearest greasy dinner? What’s next Mildred Pierce Chicken & Waffles eau de toilette? Twitter is lighting up like a switch board with comments on “bay-cone.”  Only time will tell if it’s the new greased lightening, but for my money, I think I’ll pass.

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  1. HallieApril 7, 2011 at 2:57 am | Permalink

    Ha ha, totally not what I was expecting when I read your Twitter post!

    I've never heard of this – thanks for sharing! :)


  2. NancyApril 7, 2011 at 3:31 am | Permalink

    Sorry, but eew.. gross. I stopped eating anything with four legs so smelling like it? Well, it is either nasty or maybe just a temptation. And who would you attract with this one? (Love you Recessionista!)

  3. VeronicaApril 7, 2011 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    Hi! I'm one of your newer followers. :)

    I lovelovelove bacon, but only when it is sitting next to a breakfast item. I've noticed that everyone else has a fascination with putting it on/in random dishes like pasta, salads, and burgers, which I just don't get. So while I would never want to use that, and would think that others would agree, I bet that a lot of people would jump at the chance to simply bathe in the scent of bacon.