Recessionistas on the Red Carpet: Reasonable Fashions

Pictured: Natalie Portman on the Red Carpet in H&M

Actress Natalie Portman looked beautiful this week at a Vanity Fair Oscar party in a $50.00 US White dress from H&M’s upcoming Conscious Collection. The dress is made of 100% recycled polyester.  H&M must have given the dress to Natalie for the occasion since the H&M  Conscious Collection is not due in stores until April 14th.

Natalie has worn H&M before on the red carpet (the Lanvin collection), showing that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive.   At this week’s Costume Designer’s Guild Awards (CDGA) I spotted some great inexpensive fashion finds on and off the red carpet. Check out PR Maven Alexandra Lippin below in her $45.00 find.   She looked amazing at the CDGA gala.  Her green dress was full length, although you can’t see it in the picture. The designer is unknown.

Pictured: Chic Recessionista Alexandra Lippin at the CDGA awards in her inexpensive vintage dress. (photo: M. Hall)

Remember, you can look great without spending big.  And on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, every awards season we see Red Carpet gowns that cost a fortune and are just plain fugly.

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