Los Angeles Designer Gypsy05 on sale at HauteLook

Pictured: A Gypsy05 kimono sleeve blouse in a  gorgeous blue on the HauteLook sale.

Last week I had the opportunity to preview clothing from Los Angeles Design House Gypsy05.  I received one of their special tie dyed scarves for attending in a gorgeous lavender color.  Since then, I’ve been eager to learn more about Gypsy05 and of course, find a good sale on the brand.  Now online club HauteLook has provided a good opportunity for me to introduce my readers to Gypsy05’s Boho chic designs and amazing tie dye colors.  And best of all, Gypsy05  is eco-friendly.  The brand’s motto is “good planets are hard to find.”  Their line incorporate organic fabrics, low impact dyes, and water based printing. The vibrant use of colors, airy fabrics, and simplistic silhouettes expresses the theme of getting close to nature, as the wearer feels natural and unconfined in the colorful tie dyed dresses, tops and scarves. I like the idea of sustainable clothing that is  environmentally friendly. I have my eye on the above blouse.  The ocean blue color is so vibrant.  I know I am going to click the buy button, especially since the prices are 60% or more off of retail.

If you’re not a member of HauteLook, click here to shop the sale as my guest. The sale includes Gyspy05 clothing for men, women and children.  I’m calling this a sponsored post because I earn a referral fee on HauteLook if you join and shop with my invite.  You can also earn a referral fee if you join, and then invite your friends.  It’s worth a look.

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