Arcona Spa Products and Coach Bags Discounted at HauteLook

Pictured: ARCONA Spa Products on the HauteLook sale this week.

If you haven’t checked out the HauteLook sales this week, you need to log in and take a look. They are having a sale on two quality products: Coach Bags and Arcona Spa Products. I’ve been using Arcona products for a well and recently reviewed the products here on the blog.  I’m a fan, and I’m thrilled to see them discounted on online shopping club HauteLook this week. The products are made with natural vitamins and enzymes from plants, fruits and vegetables.  In other words, these are organic skin care products.  The products are cold-processed, which means they are not heated  or cooked before they come to you.  So the nutrients have not been cooked out. It’s an interesting approach to say the least.  Especially in an era when most of what we consume and use on our bodies is full of chemicals and preservatives.  I highly recommend the Triad pads for taking off your makeup when you are too tired to wash your face and the exfoliating Cranberry Gommage and Toner. If you want to take good care of your skin, but not spend top dollar, do check out the HauteLook Arcona Spa sale.

 Pictured: A Coach Monogrammed Logo Bag from the HauteLook sale.

But wait there is more.  There is a selection of Coach handbags, wristlets and evening bags at discounted prices.  There are even a few selection from Coach’s Poppy line. If you love Coach, and there is no outlet store near you, you’ll want to check this one out.

If you’re not a a member, click here to use my invite to join.   I earn a referral fee if you buy, and if your friends buy, you get the same benefit.  The referrals help the clubs save on marketing dollars, so they can continue to offer the best deals.

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