Shopaholic for a Good Cause: Oprah’s Fashions to Sell on eBay for Charity

Pictured: My favorite shopper, Oprah, (Photo: Ruven Afanador)
Overflowing closet? Clothes you haven’t worn for years? It sounds like a familiar story…but wait for this twist.  This closet of clothes doesn’t just belong to any fashionista, it belongs to the divine O, Oprah!  She is a women of not only wealth and means, but style.  Part of the fun of watching Oprah is to see what she is going to wear everyday.  And I don’t care what size she is at, she alway’s looks great.  
So good news, recessionistas, Oprah is cleaning out her closet and selling some of her treasures on eBay.  Save the dates: March 1 – 11, shoppers can bid on 150 exclusive items from Oprah’s own closet, including clothing, shoes and accessories; proceeds from the eBay auction will benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa.   The auction will be at:
Here’s a sneak peak at some of the items that will be up for sale, that I covet.  There will be a Carolina Herrera dress and a Chanel handbag.  In the words of Rachael Zoe, I DIE! :) 
Pictured: Mi amour, O’s Carolina Herrera dress.  I attended Carolina’s show at NYFW, it was amazing!  I’d love to pick up one of her dresses for less than retail.

Pictured: Oprah’s Chanel bag with trademark twisted gold braid chain.  I will be bidding.
To see more of the 150 items going on the block, click here and visit! Oprah–hhah  Win—frey. Win-free, Winfrey, how symbolic that she should turn to eBay do a discount sales sell off. I wish we could all win her clothes for free! :)
Ps, Oprah, don’t you think you should donate that Carolina Herrera dress to The Recessionista? :)
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    She must have your address, she's can't NOT send you the CH dress!!

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    they are soft in use, thanks for all these..