Fabuless Friday Deals: Jones New York Sale + Knit Collection Preview

Pictured: My TGIF Treat, Cashmere Puff Sleeve Cowl Neck Sweater from Jones New York on sale for $102.99 reduced from $129.99 (US)

So its the end of the week and I’m loving my new Cashmere Puff Sleeve sweater from Jones New York. I received the sweater as a sample/gift from Jones New York, and its quite simply divine. I kid you not. Its super soft, stylish and the shorter sleeves show off my new bracelet and watch! I’m letting you know about this sweater because its on sale at JonesNewYork.com. The nice thing about getting samples is, you try on things you might not ordinarily find in the store, or might be too busy to look for. Jones of New York is one of the clothing brands my mother loves. When I was younger and buying professional clothes, she used to urged me to check them out at Macy’s. Classic looks she would say. Wardrobe investment she would cry. Now I get it. Sometimes age brings fashion sense and well as cents. This sweater is available at Macy’s (use your Passport Savings pass) or direct from JNY.com. This sweater is part of a wider clearance, Last Chance sale at JNY.com, so give it a look. The sale includes tops, jackets, pants and blouses that can take you from the office to an evening out.

Enjoy the sale now, and look for more good things from Jones New York in February. Coming soon to Macy’s near you, Jones New York will be launching a knit collection for 9-to-5 dressing and beyond. The Knit Collection will feature 8 essential pieces. I received two of these pieces as samples: the mock turtle neck in black and a black pencil slim skirt. Both pieces are comfortable, attractive and best of all, slimming. Slimming. Yes, let me loose 5 pounds instantly, that is the kind of outfit I love. The concept is based on building a working wardrobe of completely knit components from top to toe. Below is a little sneak peak of the collection.

Pictured: A Classic short sleeve JNY dress with slim belt, the shape of things to come.

Jones New York is known for it’s career dressing, so with this collection they have taken the next step and developed an entire group of career knit dressing. As a frequent traveler, I love this idea. JNY knits pack beautifully when you travel. You can unpack and go! The new JNY Knit Collection is based on “best sellers” from past seasons. All of these styles have been pulled together and coordinated into a fully designed group that will be delivered each month. The foundation of the collection is “8 Easy Pieces”. These consist of elegant layering pieces and simple bottoms to form the basis of the knit wardrobe. Following the Feb. launch, Jones New York tells me they will deliver new patterned and novelty pieces that can be used interchangeably with the “foundation pieces”. I love that idea. The patterned pieces can dress up the more basic pieces. Textured knit jackets, patterned jacquards, long statement cardigans and evolving seasonal “pop” colors will allow the customer to continually build and update her Jones New York Knit wardrobe without losing her investment in the original basic pieces.

The JNY Knit Collection will be available starting in Feb 2010 at jny.com and select Macy’s stores. Prices range from the shells at $59 to pants and skirts at $99 and novelty pieces up to $139. Overall, I believe the entire collection will be comfortable, affordable and very versatile. I am setting up my price alerts for the collection now! Watch this space for more details and pricing alerts.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for one of Jones New York How To Wear It with Lloyd Boston, Spring 2010 events. Click here for a list of event dates in your area.

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