The Recessionista Recovery Program Holiday Survey: How do you Buy? One for you, Two for ME?

Pictured: Tis the season for shopping addiction, cartoon from comments

Hello readers, my name is Mary, and I’ve been shopping for 30 yrs….. I come here every holiday season. I continually face the struggle of trying to shop smart and stay within my budget. This blog is my own The Recessionista’s Recovery program. Everyday I work on this here at The Recessionista. As you know, my shopping struggle is never-ending. Temptation abounds as sale signs scream out to me, and try to lure my money out of my wallet. Sometimes I simply can not look away as the prices continue to fall.

Sound familiar? Have you ever gone to the store fully intending to shop for others, but ended up instead, shopping for yourself. Do your palms sweat sometimes as you collect the coupons and flip the Black Friday ads. Recessionistas, have you had to STEP AWAY from the Sales Rack ? :) If so, you have come to the right place! Even in a tough economy sometimes it can be difficult to curb our appetite for bargains and fashion in order to focus on the giving part of the season. A site called LifeTuner, is working to develop financial guidance, tools and tips for young adults plus monitor holiday shopping habits. To help us access our habits, the site is taking a survey called Shopaholic Shock Therapy. Naturally, this is a collection of data that is near and dear to my heart. You can take the survey, by clicking here. Below are the sample questions. You do not need to enter any personal information to take the survey. When the results are in, I’ll be sharing them here on The Recessionista to let us know how we are doing with the eternal question: Is it better to give or to receive?

Here are the questions. Let us know you thoughts!

1. Do you tend to spend more money shopping online or in stores during the holidays?
* Online
* In stores

2. Do you buy more for yourself or for family and friends on Black Friday?
* Myself
* Family and friends

3. Do you ever buy something just because it’s a good deal?
* Yes, I sometimes buy things I may not need because they are good deals.
* No, I never buy things I may not need just because they are good deals.

4. Do you ever spend more than you originally intend to shopping at Black Friday or holiday sales?
* Yes
* No

5. Do you plan to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
* Yes
* No
* Both

6. How are you going to pay for your holiday shopping? (This is the toughest question)!
* Put it on a credit card and pay-off next year
* I have money saved up
* Not sure

Feel free to post a comment too and let us all know your thoughts.

Stay tuned this week as I attempt to guide you to the best deals and savvy spending. Watch for posts on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Designer Deals, Midnight Madness and more!

Pictured: Note Pad from Henri Bendi summarizing my shopping struggle: One for you, two for me. It happens :)
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