Starbucks Launches Instant Coffee: Save Some Pennies on Coffee when You Travel

Pictured: My personal stash of Starbucks Instant Coffee, VIA

Like many bloggers, I have a little Java addiction. I am not talking about the excellent Java code and Java beans that I use to build my website. The java I speak of is the Java I drink: Coffee. Yes, I am addicted to several cups of fully leaded coffee several times a day. When I travel outside the United States or even California, this can be a problem for The Recessionista. Why you may well ask? Well dear readers, shocking as it seems, not all hotels or even all companies in these recessionary times provide complimentary coffee any more. Everyone will provide hot water, but not hot coffee. So I am excited about these little instant coffee packets coming soon from Starbucks. The product is called VIA. Starbucks sent me a few boxes of the VIA Colombian brew and the Italian Roast to sample, and I have to admit they are quite good.

Are the instant packets as delicious as a steaming European press pot or a regular House Blend freshly brewed from my local Starbucks store? Honestly, no. But they are very, very good. I have been traveling with the packets in my purse and enjoying them. There is nothing worse than going to a restaurant when you have a coffee yen and all you can see is an old, burnt pot of coffee sitting at the waitresses’ station when you have the need for Java speed. Instead of paying $2.00 bucks for a cup from that old stale pot, I have been bringing my own instant coffee packets to places. I just use my secret weapon, the instant Starbucks coffee packet to satisfy by Java cravings. Voila, the hot water is free, and I just add my little packet and stir. It’s recessionista living at its finest. The price for 24 packets/servings of the coffee is $19.95, 12 packets are $9.95. which is less than $1.00 a cup.

Check out the information about the new instant coffee on the Starbucks site and sign up for a sample. Or ask the Barrista at your local Starbucks about it next time you drop in the store.

There’s nothing like a little instant pick me up when you’re standing in those early morning sales lines to get the shopping deals. Check out our contest for the Decadetwo sale for an example of an event that will draw a coffee queue.

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