Forget the Right to Bare Arms, Everyone is Talking about Michelle’s Right to Bare Legs

Pictured: Mrs. O in her vacation shorts. Scandalous or normal living?

Did you know that there were actually polls on the Internet this week talking about if Michelle Obama should’ve worn shorts on her recent trip to the Grand Canyon? Sure, she is the First Lady, but it’s been hotter than hades (old world term for Hell) there and around most of the country. So yes, I think she had the right to be comfortable. According to the Huffington Post, they received 13,000 opinions on Michelle’s shorts. In their survey , 59% of readers said she was looking just fine in those shorts. Some readers thought maybe the shorts could’ve been longer, but c’mon she wasn’t running around in Daisy Dukes ala Jessica Simpson.

What I found even funnier than Michelle wearing the shorts, was President Obama not wearing them. He knew what might happen after the tempest in a teapot unleashed over his “Mom Jeans.” There he was standing overlooking the Grand Canyon in 100 degree temps in his long pants. I mean this is out there in Arizona people! That’s the desert. Being President is a lonely thing. I mean the guy literally has to sweat it out in the court of public opinion.

Pictured: The President stays covered up even in Arizona 

Readers, do you wear shorts in the summer? Do you think that world leaders should be allowed to wear shorts? I think JFK wore them when he went sailing off Cape Cod.

PS–If I had Michelle’s legs, I would be wearing the shorts! :)
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  1. Macala WrightAugust 22, 2009 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    I don't find anything with Obama's outfit. She a fit, healthy woman who takes care of herself. She wears her wardrobe selections with grace & style.

  2. Forest City FashionistaAugust 23, 2009 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

    I think the whole fuss over this is ridiculous–her legs are great, she's not wearing daisy dukes, of course she should be able to wear shorts. Obama should be able to wear shorts too, without having the world take a poll on whether it's “appropriate” or not.