Recessionista Regime? Hillary on the Hill

A Brillant Hillary in Turquoise

So before heading to work this am, I had to check out some of the fabulously entertaining Hillary Clinton confirmation hearings. There’s nothing more exciting than some very tired senators trying to scramble for something salacious or any appearance of impropriety about Mrs. Clinton. As I drank my morning coffee, I thought , “God help this woman make it through this Spanish inquisition.” At this point, I want only one thing, a Recessionista Regime. And I want it now. I want Hillary out there representing us abroad with her “sisterhood of the traveling pant suit” and I want Michelle with her new “Jackie” style in the White House. I think these Recessionistas will do us proud. Hillary may not be a trend setter, but she is wicked smart. And at this point, being wicked smart is just the kind of trend setting I want to see on the White House staff.

Hillary’s campaign shirt showing off her “no-frills” pants suit.

Pictured above is her campaign shirt with an image of one of her “traveling pant suits”. I mean seriously, you never saw Hillary in a Valentino couture jacket ala Sarah Palin out there on the campaign trail. She’s been recessionista-ing it all along. She takes a few basic pant suits and mixes them up with various colorful scarves or sweaters draped over her shoulders. She has a few basic pieces of jewelry that are classic that she trots out. My favorite thing she does is mix up her solid pants with a bright coral or azure jacket. Remember in the debates when John Edward mentioned the color of her jacket? Unbelievable. Although she has been taken to task quite a bit for her style, I don’t care. She’s extremely competent and hardworking. I say this based on her record as a New York senator. Yet, because she is a woman, her fashion choices are fair game. Enough. I don’t recall anyone taking Dick Cheney to task for wearing navy for 8 years with the same tie my brother wore at his Catholic prep school as part of his uniform.

Hillary has a job to do and she is not a full-time fashionista. She is one of a new breed, the few, the proud, the Recessionistas. Go Madame Secretary!

If you’re interested in another view on Hillary’s fashion choices, check out Oscar De La Renta’s view of her style.

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  1. Don't Be a SlutJanuary 16, 2009 at 6:07 am | Permalink

    I love the fact that the image of the black pants suit on the T-shirt looks “real-size,” that they didn’t shrink it down to look model skinny. Refreshing!