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Getting Ready to Queue: H&M CDG Launch

Good morning Recessionistas everywhere! I’m getting caffeinated this am with some super strong Java to get ready to join the line over at H&M Los Angeles. As I wipe the sleep from my eyes, I’m checking the blogs & Twitter to see what the buzz is around the world. I understand lines are already around […]

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Welcome International Readers: The United Nations of the Recessionista!

In checking the blog traffic this week, I noticed that we have alot of visitors from all over the world stopping by. As the NY Times article has been syndicated around the world, its clear that The Recessionista is striking a chord. After all, the recession knows no boundries and neither does The Recessionista blog. […]

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Comme des Garcons’ at H & M, Nov. 13th!

As all good frugal fashionistas know, this is the week that H&M launches their annual designer collection. This year’s collection, Comme des Garcons, will be available Nov 13th at select H&M Stores in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco & Chicago. Much of the collection follows Comme des Garcons usual “advant-garde” outlook, so it […]

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Change has come! The New First Lady “Elect” is a Recessionista

Its official. “Recession Chic” is moving into the White House. Our new first lady elect, Michelle Obama, offers inspiration to Recessionistas everywhere. She’s got style, she’s got grace and she’s not breaking the bank to look good. Check out the above picture of Michelle spotted wearing a great H & M dress. I saw the […]

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The Solution to the Liquidity Crisis is Here! CH Wine

Wine producer Cameron Hughes is offering our readers a Recession Wine special. Last week, poor Cameron looked at his 401K statement & realized he needed a bottle of wine with that statement! To his shock, he discovered that his plan had taken a 32% “haircut” in the span of about two months. Ouch.In recognition of […]

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Fall Bailout Package? Classic Choices are the Key

Simply Vera Coat with Faux Fur Collar@ Kohl’s Its Saturday morning & I’m drinking some high-test java and looking at the news, magazines and fashion updates. This is something of a ritual for me as I listen to the election reports & the latest polls. Frankly, some of the news about the current economic state […]

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