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Online Holiday Shopping: Here We Go Again!

Every Picture Tells a Story: Black Friday in-store chaos vs. Online Shopping Two days later, and I am still in Black Friday detox. It was horrible. See the above picture from my camera phone for documentation. I didn’t buy anything for myself, all I did was hunt & forage for children’s gifts and toys. It […]

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Black Friday Shopping: Back from the Store Wars

So we headed out at 4:35 am this morning loaded up with Buyagra. Buyagra is the potent stimulant found in Black Friday ads & circulars. I am here to attest that it does indeed increase the potency and duration of a shopping spree. Today’s Black Friday lines looked like a big win for retailers. Lines […]

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Holiday Shopping: From Turkey Coma to the Mall!

So, after an incredibly enjoyable Thanksgiving feast and the obligatory “turkey coma”, I’m back here at the computer to getting ready for tomorrow’s early am shopping call. My sister-in-law and I have agreed that we are going out to Toys R Us and a couple of the big box retailers for kid’s Christmas gifts. Our […]

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When Black Friday Comes: Don’t Let it Fall on ME :)

This morning I am sitting glued to the PC looking diligently for the Black Friday deals. As I type, I am listening to the classic Black Friday by Steely Dan. Like the “Dan”, I am praying that when Black Friday falls, its doesn’t fall on me! Two adorable children have now presented me with Christmas […]

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The Holiday Wish List Begins!

Its official, the countdown to the holiday season & the shopping has begun! I’m here in Cary, NC today with my family for the Thanksgiving holidays. Only 5 more days until the infamous Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving sale) arrives. My seven year old niece has already given me her Christmas wish list. She […]

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Going Hollywood: Studio Sale Nov. 22 & 23!

Living in Los Angeles, we are occasionally dazzled by the bright lights of Hollywood. Insiders know that some of the best designer values can come from the resale of clothing & props from TV shows and movies. The challenge is always finding out about these sales, since they are often very hush, hush and by […]

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Solid Comfort: New Norma Kamali for the Holidays

The solid comfort of the above NormaKamali outfit has literally saved my day. As I write this post, I am delayed at the airport after a long business trip. It seems my mission impossible is to get home. When I began the trip, it was an unseasonably warm 90 degrees in San Jose, California. Today, […]

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The Recessionista’s Christmas Holiday Pick List

The Recesssionista Blog has announced its first annual Top 10 Holiday Pick List for Budget Shopping. Despite the recent economic downturn, shoppers are still faced with the challenge of getting ready for the holidays, entertaining and playing Santa for their children. In order to help consumers everywhere, The Recessionista has put together the following 10 […]

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My Own Stimulus Package: Unused Gift Cards

Yesterday was big day here at Recessionista HQ. Why? I actually cleaned out…..gasp…my handbag! At times my handbag is akin to a black hole. Jimmy Hoffa could be found there, or even a UFO. Its full of clutter. So, during my annual, ah hmmm, cleaning, I discovered two unused gift certificates. Hiding in the bottom […]

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Viva la Recessionistance: Back from Behind the H&M CDG Lines

So, I’m just back after the early am run up to H&M. I am exhausted! The whole experience was surreal. Only in Beverly Hills does a mall security guard wear Prada sunglasses while supervising shoppers waiting for bargains. Yes, this was the best dressed security guard I have ever seen wearing Prada sunglasses from 7 […]

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