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Halloween: Make it Cheap & Cheerful :)

Pumpkin Carving, Maggie Read Photography As everyone knows, its almost time for “All Hallow’s Eve” or as some today call it Halloween. This is an annual fun event for kids & adults alike. This year, its a Recessionista’s Delight Halloween with “cheap & cheapful” treats. So what it exactly will that be? Well, in my […]

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I wasn’t on The Big Idea, but, I still have some Big Ideas!

So due to the recent NY Times article , I understand that something of a debate is still raging on the meaning of the word Recessionista. As some of you may know, I wasn’t on the CNBC’s Big Idea last night (show ran too long:-) I was booked to appear, but they ran out of […]

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Today’s NY Times: Recession Chic hits the news!

So my 15 minutes of fame may at last be here! As some of you know, The Recessionista Blog was featured today in the Style section of the NY Times. In the words of a famous TV “Dr.” this is a “changing day in my life.” This blog has found an audience because of the […]

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TOP TIP: Topshop Sale

As my blog readers know, I love Celia Birtwell..and now the reductions on her Topshop 2008 collection have started. Everything is 50% off at Topshop online. Celia’s prints adorned many of Ossie Clark’s famous 60’s & 70’s pieces. If you live in NYC or London, you can check out the sale in the store. I […]

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Recessionistance: Question the Fees on your Bank Statement!

My bank called late yesterday. Now, I have not tried to communicate with my bank in some time. And that’s ironic, considering the financial situation of the country right now. I’m no Suzie Orman, but a couple of months ago I did look through my bank statements. I realized that I was paying a $9.95 […]

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UFB! Norma Kamali at Wal-Mart??? Who Knew? And its fabu!

Norma Kamali’s Walmart Line In my recessionary journey through fashion, this is one of, if not the most, shocking discovery that I have made. Yes, one of my favorites, Norma Kamali has done a line for Walmart. Its just UFB (unfrigg’in believeable). Norma has style, class and beautifully draped fabrics, so I was just amazed […]

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Finding a Reasonable Grenache: It’s a B*tch!

It has been said that its not easy to find a good Grenache wine. Why you ask? Some vintners have written that they find it very difficult to grow the grape. From what I have read of the Grenache grape, its known to resist heat and is only able to tolerate a limited amount of […]

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Recessionary Fundraising: Still Possible But Slowed Down

Yesterday I had the honor of attending a fundraiser organized by some of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Tammy Knickerbocker and Jeana Keough hosted a fundraiser for friend Dominique Manion who has breast cancer. Pictured above are Dominique & the guys from Travertine Spa at the event. The second pic is of yours truly […]

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Yummi Delights: Yummi Glass Jewelry

Those of you who know me …know I love me some Yummi….Yummi Glass that is. Above is one of my favorites, the Yummi Butterfly. I constantly get compliments on this piece. For those of you who don’t know about Yummi, these are exquisite, handcrafted glass pendants on either ribbon or small leather chains. Each piece […]

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The Search for the Holy Grail: Anya Hindmarch for Target!

For some time I have wanted an Anya Hindmarch bag. I have gazed at them with envy in Harrod’s on each trip to London. However, I just was never able to bring myself to spend the equivalent of a mortgage payment for one of her bags So I was delighted when my favorite big box […]

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