Treating yourself well in the downturn

Today’s blog is about one of this Recessionista’s favorite topics, treating yourself well. And who can you turn to for some comfort? Who ya gonna call? Well, for this Los Angeles girl, its gotta be the folks over at Travertine Spa.

I loved the piece in today’s LA Times about this stuff. None other than Actress, singer, songwriter and music producer Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child, relies on these beauty products, noting: “I’ve been a fan of his products now for three years,” Williams said in an interview. “He makes a lavender-scented shower gel that definitely calms me down and helps me feel relaxed. I’m hooked.”

So, how can you be a Recessionista and enjoy this stuff? Coupons & specials!!! YES, the “mana in the dessert” of recession shopping is the coupon, Internet special or promotional code. The lavender gel Williams uses is now on special in the Spa’s online store. Click here to learn more. This is the same product retailing at the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey for more.


Click here to feel the savings coming on, quicker than the dropping US Dollar in London :)
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