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For those of you who have not heard, Los Angeles was shaken today by a 5.8 Earthquake. There I was sitting, working quietly at home, wearing my fabby BedHead PJSwhen the house began to pitch…and pitch.. and pitch. It felt like it lasted 5 mins! I stumbled out in the street to escape, and then, […]

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Working in Comfort: BedHead Pajamas!

As those of you who have talked to me in the past week know, I’ve fallen in love. Yes, true love…with wait for it…BedHead Pajamas! These are the most luxurious, comfy, just plain beautiful pajamas I have ever seen. These are worn by the like of Oprah, Rachel Ray, and the cast of Friends. Previously, […]

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Treating yourself well in the downturn

Today’s blog is about one of this Recessionista’s favorite topics, treating yourself well. And who can you turn to for some comfort? Who ya gonna call? Well, for this Los Angeles girl, its gotta be the folks over at Travertine Spa. I loved the piece in today’s LA Times about this stuff. None other than […]

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The World of the Recessionista

In today’s slow economy, I find myself surfing the web for the best deals on dining out, vacation, shopping and even bottles of vino! I know I am not the only former fashionista on this new quest for fine items at an affordable cost. And this is the premise of my blog…surviving the recession aka […]

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